Building programs that work in our community

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The Landscaping Project

When you imagine visiting an outdoor park where you can eat your lunch, read a book or enjoy watching  your kids play  in the sunshine, what does that area look like?

Close your eyes and envision it. Is it welcoming, safe and filled with luscious green gardens and natural play spaces?

Or is it wall to wall concrete that is inaccessible, drab and uninspiring?

Mount Carmel Clinic is on a mission to eliminate the concrete jungle that currently exists outside of its North End Winnipeg community health agency and replace it with an inclusive, beautiful and spiritual meeting place.  It will offer recreation opportunities, places for shelter and reflection, vegetable gardens and fruit trees, artwork and state of the art play areas for our infant and preschool daycares.

The plan is in place. All we need now is to raise $1.5M.  “The Landscaping Project” is a vision that will only come to life with your help.


896 Main Street

In 2018, the Foundation assisted Mount Carmel Clinic with the purchase of 896 Main Street, adjacent to the 888 Main facility and across the back lane from the Clinic.  Our $600,000 contribution enabled the Clinic to make this $1.2M purchase and complete their campus plan.  This building now houses Mount Carmel Clinic’s ACT  program and provides the Clinic with room for expansion of other initiatives.


The Nutrition Project

The issue of hungry and undernourished children in our city is a matter that affects us all. Having to go without healthy, well-balanced meals creates barriers to learning and impedes the chance of future success for Winnipeg’s next generation of teachers, doctors, engineers, artists and skilled tradespersons.

To combat this, Mount Carmel Clinic launched The Nutrition Project at Anne Ross Day Nursery. This important program provides nutritious snacks and freshly-prepared hot lunches for the 48 inner city children who attend the daycare. 

$125.00    Provides 1 child with a daily hot lunch for 3 months
$250.00    Provides 1 child with two daily nutritious snacks for 1 year
$500.00    Provides 1 child with a daily hot lunch for 1 year
$750.00    Provides 1 child with 2 daily snacks and a daily hot lunch for 1 year

To contribute to The Nutrition Program click here.


Sage House Capital Project

Sage House is a safe harbour for street-involved women in Winnipeg’s North End. This  drop-in home gives vulnerable women a rare place to prepare a meal, do a load of laundry, access health services, seek counselling or participate in group events.

The Mount Carmel Clinic Foundation supported the retrofitting of Sage House in 2017.  We appreciate all of the support we received in our journey to raise  $400,000 to renovate and revitalize the home of this very valuable service.



The Mothering Project Drop-In Centre Renovation

Mount Carmel Clinic identified a gap in services for substance-using pregnant women, and in response, developed a drop-in and outreach project called The Mothering Project. The underlying goal of the project is to keep babies in the care of their natural mothers in order to significantly reduce the number of CFS seizures and children placed in the foster care system. Through a team of social workers, outreach workers and nursing staff, the Project was able to find ways to build connections and provide comprehensive, trauma-informed services for moms-to-be.

The Mount Carmel Clinic Foundation funded a new $2.2-million drop-in centre and licensed daycare for The Mothering Project at Mount Carmel Clinic. With the newly expanded and renovated space – which includes a kitchen for nutrition classes, group meals and celebrations, work and office spaces, additional storage, laundry and washroom facilities – The Mothering Project now has the capacity to more than double its intake of high-risk moms and babies, and to hold drop-in events on a more frequent and regular basis.



Anne Ross Day Nursery Grand Re-Opening

Every child deserves a safe, healthy and happy childhood. This is the guiding philosophy of the Anne Ross Day Nursery, a 48-space preschool program focused on providing education and care for young children from the North End and Point Douglas communities. Services are designed to meet the needs of children ages 2-6 and their families with extra supports and assistance as required.

The Mount Carmel Clinic Foundation provided funding to modernize and renovate the daycare’s well-used facility, making it barrier-free and fully accessible as well as upgrading the kitchen to commercial status for the hot lunch program.


CIBC Bank Building Retrofitting

After the neighbouring CIBC bank branch gifted its former building to Mount Carmel Clinic, the Foundation took on a capital campaign to upgrade and expand the Clinic’s facilities. A $1.3-million retrofit of the bank building freed up much needed space for primary health care in the Clinic’s main building. Today, the facility at 888 Main Street houses administrative offices and social services and is an active drop-in centre for members of the community with computer and internet access.