We’re growth-minded
and deeply rooted in
our community


“We rise by lifting others.” This inspirational message defines our purpose and drives our work at The Mount Carmel Clinic Foundation, reminding us that by supporting one another, we better our entire community.

We were established in 1998 as a community fundraising organization to support the valuable projects, programs and services of Mount Carmel Clinic. The foundation is here to raise needed funds for the research, innovative programming and capital development that benefit Winnipeg’s most vulnerable population.

Like our founders, we believe that when we work together toward a common goal, we can achieve anything. With the ongoing support of our community, the foundation will continue its mission to build and grow a service that we know is working.


About Mount Carmel Clinic

Mount Carmel Clinic is truly a part of the community it serves. Its doors first opened in 1929 as a medical facility dedicated to meeting the needs of immigrants living in Winnipeg’s North End, but has evolved into a safe and welcoming community health centre committed to helping all families live healthier lives.

Mission Statement: The Mount Carmel Clinic Foundation is a community fundraising organization that supports research, innovative programming and capital development in order to enhance and broaden the programs and services of Mount Carmel Clinic.

Since its humble beginnings, the surrounding community has grown in both number and need. The clinic has responded by introducing new programs such as the Mothering Project, a Cross-Cultural Counseling Program, a dental care and prevention program, the Diabetes and Hepatitis C Clinics, Teen Clinic, the RB Russell Student Health Clinic and the Parenting-Student Support Program.

As Canada’s first community health centre, Mount Carmel Clinic remains a model for care that is responsive to community needs and addresses the root causes of poor health. By promoting wellness and the prevention of illness, the clinic’s goal is the personal well-being of patients and a bright future for the health care system.


The Role of our Board

The Mount Carmel Clinic Foundation was established in 1998 as a charitable organization that operates independently from the Clinic to support community projects and capital development of Mount Carmel Clinic. As such, the Foundation has its own board, bylaws, policies, procedures and governance structures.

Our Board has been actively involved in numerous projects in support of Mount Carmel Clinic. Since our inception, we have proudly raised over $6 million for capital projects and over $3 million for special programs.

Funds for Mount Carmel Clinic are acquired through a combination of fundraising, grant applications, special events and through the interest of our investments.

Our Board has 10 active members, including a representative from the Clinic Board and the Clinic Executive Director who serves as an ex-officio member of the Board. The Chair of the Foundation Board also sits on the Mount Carmel Clinic Board.

The dedication of our volunteer Board shines in its exceptional commitment. We are essentially a fundraising Board with 100% financial commitment from each of our Directors. In addition to their donations, sponsorships and event ticket purchases, these 10 enthusiastic individuals give tirelessly of their time, energy and talent in support of Mount Carmel Clinic.




Board of

Alanna Keefe

Amie Klymchuk
Vice Chair

Stephen Rosenfield

Heidi Streu
Past Chair

Nancy Brommell

Frank Lavitt


Pattie Moore

Jodi Moskal

Brian Scharfstein

Chad Smith

Bobbette Shoffner
Ex officio



Thank you to all our funders and donors for your generous support

“Thanks” doesn’t seem like a big enough word to express our deepest appreciation and gratitude to the individuals and agencies who make a point of supporting our programs. But it’s their generosity that keeps us growing and creates greater opportunities to reach more people in our community. We couldn’t do it without them – and so, from the bottom of our hearts, we say – THANKS.


I am a strong supporter of Mount Carmel Clinic and their ongoing programs. I have been involved as a foundation board member, a donor, and an advocate. I have seen firsthand the good work that MCC does in our community.



I lived at 134 Higgins Avenue until I was 7 years old, attended Argyle School, and sold Free Press papers in the old Royal Alexander Hotel on Saturdays. I remember going to church on Sundays, catching the street car on Main Street, then taking a trolley bus down Mountain Ave., and then walking a couple of blocks to College and McKenzie where Emmanuel Lutheran Church was located. I recall Saturdays at ’Mary Kohl’s’ store at the corner of Higgins and Argyle. Mary had a TV. Wow! I could watch Horse Opera and The Count of Monte Cristo while drinking an Orange Crush in a brown bottle!

I now have the privilege of serving on the Mount Carmel Clinic Foundation. My involvement with the Foundation and my childhood in the neighbourhood has been very influential in choosing the distribution of this gift.



Carmel Clinic

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